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09-Feb-2020 14:02

As a gamer, all I can say is that, the game is good, I gave 3 stars to it because it is a quest-driven game meaning you can't excel in this game without performing quests, mobs won't give exp, if you want to dominate in the world of warspear then perform all quests, but the problem is, the map interface is not conducive enough to give information regarding the whereabouts of the NPC you need to talk with to finish some quests, for example, there's a ranger quest in the beginning of the game that ask you to protect the tree of soul, but you can't find it in the map unless you manually search it, noobs tend to stop playing because of such issue.

The developer should fix the map and also, they should be generous enough to at least give extra slot for the loots. I made a character and then proceeded to play, I didn't connect my facebook at the time and I thought it was no problem.

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Alternatively a forum may be diceless and rely on cooperation between players to agree on outcomes of events and thus forgo the use of randomisers.

In the latter case, combat and other measures are handled by requiring players to avoid detailing the results of their actions, and thus leave an opening for a response by other involved players.

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Bestowed the award of “Best MMO RPG game” in 2015 by «BEST APP EVER AWARDS»! But our war is not over: a new era of great battles begins now. - Iconic and new raid bosses: Demonologist, Beholder, Snorlar, Avenger, Rottung Air and Nocturne - 6 guild Pv E events with magnificent awards - New Mythical level of difficulty in the dungeons of Ayvondil and Irselnort - Heroic level of difficulty in guild dungeon Champions Colosseum - New fantastic gear: armor set, accessories with physical/magical powers and gear set of 27 level - New items in Miracle Shop: chests, costumes, decorative skins and much more - Changes on the Factional Islands: logistics is better and passing time is shorter - Gifts for all players Hello everyone, I'm here to give verdict on this classic pixelated mmorpg for all platforms, Warspear.

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Consider the following possible post from a character named Bob attacking Joe: This post makes the assumption that Joe takes no further action to avoid the attack from Bob and that he will drop as a result.

These types of actions are often called "autohits" as they "automatically hit" without allowing for a response by the affected character, and there may be rules against such actions (commonly referred to as the 'no power playing' rule).The popularity of play-by-post games peaked in the early 2000s with online chat services and free remotely hosted message boards such as invision Free and Pro Boards Unlike other forms of online role-playing games such as MUDs or MMORPGs, the events in play-by-post games are rarely handled by software and instead rely on participants or moderators to make decisions or improvise.Players create their own characters and descriptions of events and their surroundings during play.The introduction of IRC enabled users to engage in real-time chat-based role-playing and resulted in the establishment of open communities.