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22-Aug-2020 17:34

We’ve dreamed of the day they grow up, marry and give us grandchildren.Anything that differs from our idea of what they “should be” in order to accomplish these ideals alarms us.Ingrained within us is a natural desire for our children to grow up “normal” without the hard knocks of society.

Many straight boys and girls hug their best friends.

Some parents act on every little sign that their child is gay, only to find themselves doing seemingly crazy things to find out.

For 45 years, PFLAG has been helping parents and family stay in loving relationships with their children who may be questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity.

If it turns out he is gay in the future, your reaction could leave a permanent mark.

If you treat him like he’s done something wrong, he’ll believe being gay is also wrong.One day they hugged before going to their separate homes.When I ask him why he hugged Johnny he says, “I like Johnny.” Is my child gay?Your love and acceptance could change all of those things.