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20-Feb-2020 08:41

Sometimes this happens, as can be seen on the 120° angle on the left but, on the other two angles this has not been accomplished.Considerable patience was needed in creating these drawings.This first exercise did not have any construction lines associated with it, as can be seen here.It was carried out to explore the relationship between stars based on ten-point geometry and there must have been construction lines before this was drawn, perhaps just pencilled in as these were all drawn manually rather than with a computer.Although there are some advantages to working with a computer, it is unlikely I would have made the same mistake had it been drafted.The second sketch probably doesn’t belong on these pages, but is placed here as a notional fountain design based again on the same pattern.The underlying pattern does not have to be drawn in as much detail as I have shown, but there was something contemplative about this type of drawing that encouraged me to produce similar over-complex constructions, and that can be seen in many of the sketches on these pages.

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It’s a clever construction but one that would have been easy to set out.Why this should be so is difficult to say, but it is only when you take the trouble to make investigations such as this that you are able to learn something of the workings of the minds of the original designers.These two sketechs have been added as although they do not belong to the original drawings, I wanted to see how easily the sketch illustration, three above, could be worked up into – in the first instance – a relatively complex interweaving pattern.The studies which follow are all based on patterns I saw and explored, and I thought it might be useful to place them here for the record.