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It appears that most of the LCG brethren are either not interested in the teachings of their organization, or they are not interested in doctrine at all and are attending services for social reasons, or they are finding spiritual meat elsewhere; such as The Shining Light School of Biblical Studies which is absolutely free and full of in depth studies.

COGWA- COGWA is taking in large sums with their Jan to Apr income up 19%.

“Wanting to assist you in that work, we have published in this issue an article that addresses worship in GCI congregations. strongly recommended.”The GCI is now using the Revised Common Lectionary, which is standard for Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, some Methodists and in recent years, many Evangelical churches.

It includes a standard order of services (liturgy) that, though not required, is strongly recommended.”This liturgy is derived from the 1969 Ordo Lectionum Missae, a three-year lectionary produced by the Roman Catholic Church, following the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. UCG- Victor Kubik is again in contact with his Ukrainian Sabbatarian friends and is hoping to establish a relationship between them and UCG, like the relationship being established between UCG and certain groups in Misiones, Argentina, Mizoram, India, and in Angola.

A weekly series on God’s Plan for Personal Salvation began at this site Wednesday 13 June.

Today’s music is from Egypt “My Life is Yours.”, we’ll begin our first online course, “The Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ.” At this point, more than 600 members and ministers have pre-enrolled to take part in the course.

Here is a short list of a few such Sabbatarian groups.

Also see the WIKI section on the Seventh Day Baptists and the Adventist Movement.

They have even removed the word Ambassador from the original name “Ambassador Outreach International.” At this site, this Church of God News blog will expire and a new Blog will be started on July first.

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If you have bookmarked this COG News blog please remember to navigate to the New COG News Blog from here after 1 July.

The new book tentatively titled “Ecclesiastical Authority: God’s Sabbath and Calendar” will deal with the Mickelson issue of the God of the Old Testament as well as Law and Grace, Binding and Loosing, the responsibilities of the priesthood/ministry and the parameters and limits of their authority; concluding with the man made changes to the Sabbath and the Calendar. Today is the sixth Sabbath after the Wave Offering.