Heteronormative dating

13-Apr-2020 14:08

What tends to come up in my dating scenarios is a whole lot of crap relating to the internalized homo and transphobia sitting just under the surface of my potential relationships.

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I am what many would perceive as a visibly queer person.Again, to all my transfolks my gender non-conforming folks and those toeing all sorts of lines, you are an amazing person, and if no one else tells you that today, know, that I see you, I respect you and I have nothing but the warmest of love for you! Sometimes it involves characters making efforts to recruit others to their cause.Sometimes I pass as a gay man, sometimes I'm seen as a butch woman, some perceive me as a 15 year old version of one of those two options, but regardless of what I am passing as, it's always been pretty queer.

I identify myself as being on the transmasculine spectrum and being attracted to other masculine bodies: whether that is butch/stud women, trans/cis men, genderqueery/fluid folks, etc.It is being set up by friends on dates with high femme people, when my attraction is to masculinity because as a masculine presenting trans* person my attraction to masculinity is me being "difficult".So, let me say it here, I'm queer, I'm trans* and I deserve a whole lot of love. I didn't really want this to be a list blog, but hey, I go where the mood takes me.I didn't realize I was doing anything differently from my friends until the first time it happened.