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In that case, it is best just to keep the form of repayment and be sure to do something special for the person the next time you see is something seen most frequently as a tourist event, as opposed to a regular occurrence in local culture. Some aspects of the lu'au, such as traditional Hawaiian foods, or roast pig cooked in an imu remain, but for local get-together are most often provided through catering services rather than individual family activities.

Some exceptions apply, such as the birthday luau or weddings. More traditional rural families on the neighbor islands, especially Kauai, Molokai, and Hawaii, will prepare the food themselves using help from their extended families.

Locals do not always like to feel as if they are taking and will often return the favor of giving with giving.

When someone outright refuses to accept your donation, some locals will make it a personal challenge to make sure this person is repaid by slyly hiding the money in the other person's belongings and making sure they are out of sight as to not be given anything back.

(See entry under "for visitors from the mainland" for fuller description).

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In most cases, pupu is actually a euphemism for local delicacies that are provided in such abundance as to rival the actual main buffet line, the only difference being the absence of rice or poi, or starch, on the "pupu line".

For example, Krispy Kreme is not available on the island of Oahu and visitors to Maui, where the only franchise is located, often return with donuts for friends and family.

Conversely, locals traveling to the US mainland and abroad will take foods from Hawaii to friends and relatives where local foods are unavailable.

Historically, the lū’au was customary for Hawai‘i's families, regardless of ethnicity, to hold a luau to celebrate a child's first birthday.

In Polynesian cultures (and also in Korean culture), the first birthday is considered a major milestone.Polynesian families, especially Samoans, Tongans and Maori, also commemorate 21st birthdays with lavish parties and feasts. Families often invite their aforementioned family members who in turn invite people from the community, local church members and their families, sports team mates and their families, club association members and their families, and the list goes on and on.These are often people that they never associate with but will invite anyway just because of the customary monetary gift that has increased in size over time.It is extremely common for guests to take their shoes off before entering a home.