Is jesse csincsak dating anyone

19-Feb-2020 12:02

From the hills to the gym, Jesse puts Tara on the machines, helmet intact.When he brings out the balance board, however, it proves to kick her butt.High school is no stress for this sophomore, but when it comes to being home, that's another story.

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There's the "Pamela Anderson" -- hips forward, back arched -- and the "Jennifer Lopez, where she sticks her butt out.Colorado Springs' Care Bear-lovin' Tara is ultra popular and ultra prissy.She's well liked in school, gets good grades and always looks good doing it.With butt pads in place, Tara meets MADE coach Jesse Csincsak and learns the all-important how-to-stand-up-while-snapped-into-the-board move.

She slides forward and backward and eventually makes it up.

He builds up her self-esteem and gets her focused on impressing him by conquering the trick.