Itunes connect mobile not updating

04-May-2020 00:36

If that comes up blank, a search for relevant terms on Twitter can often be a good way of finding out if people are sharing your pain.

(If you click on that link you'll automatically search Twitter and the results should indicate if others are having problems).

There's not much you can do to solve the problem, but on the other hand you can just sit back and wait for Apple to solve it, which should happen quickly.

It could be that the App Store is down and nobody can access it. The quickest way of finding out is to check Apple's System Status page, which lists problems with all of the company's online services; the App Store is first on the list.

Note that if the problem occurred very recently it may not have been noticed yet: the site's update frequency is in the order of minutes, not seconds.

Or, as long as you can spare the data, open the Settings app and tap Mobile Data.

In the section headed 'Use mobile data for', make sure the slider beside App Store is set to on (green).

Can't connect to the App Store to download apps on your i Phone or i Pad?