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21-Apr-2020 19:43

The basic emotions come out – love, anger, jealousy.

They also have basic needs which are first and foremost about food; these characters would kill for food,” she says. This is a story about human beings who are tested to their very limits.”But the drama is also about the triumph of love over adversity.

“What’s really special about Banished is at its heart there are love stories,” comments producer Sita Williams.

“People always think of Jimmy as doing tough political stories or moral dilemmas, but essentially the way these people keep going in the most brutal circumstances is by forming relationships with one another.”Julian, 46, previously best known for Green Wing and The Hour, agrees that it is Tommy and Elizabeth’s love that sustains them in their darkest hours.

Finally, what do the cast hope that viewers will take away from Banished?

”What the actors have signed up for is an astonishing story of survival in the face of almost impossible odds.The stakes are extremely high for all of them from the start.I kept thinking how lucky I was to even get to read for Elizabeth.But there is a second part to this story, the answer to a question their friends never ask: what happened next? Penguin Audiobooks presents Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach, read by Green Wing actor Julian Rhind-Tutt.

Rabih and Kirsten find each other, fall in love, get married. The audiobooks features original music and '3D' sound design by Pinewood film studios.

The central appeal of Banished is that it poses fundamental questions about how we might all react in such extreme circumstances. “If you’re a woman and you have nothing except your body, how far do you go to survive?