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11-Jul-2020 20:30

While not a gay bar, Dit e Nat is gay friendly, although it does not broadcast the fact.Blerim said it is one of three places in Kosovo he feels completely at ease.A report published last December by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights goes some way to explaining why Kosovo’s LGBTI youth may not feel so comfortable at school.It examined the use of discriminatory language in textbooks and found that a civics textbook equated homosexuality with “disorders” and “criminal behaviour”.One enterprising staff member put out an advert on Gay Romeo, a dating site.

“We were talking in a café about Valentine’s Day and how all the celebrations are all about straight people, while the LGBTQI community cannot even holds hands,” she said.Equal Times attempted to make contact with the former owner of Pure Pure, but was told by multiple intermediaries that he was unwilling to speak with the press, keen not to see a repeat of his experience in 2011.Blerim – not his real name – will soon finish high school.For security reasons, its location is not listed on its website.

Instead its address is passed on by word of mouth as a place of sanctuary and support.

Of the remaining two, one is another quietly gay-friendly café and the third is an apartment in the city centre.

Kosovo Correctional Service Sherbimi Korrektues i Kosoves. Contact address. Ministria e Drejtesise, Rruga Perandori Diklecian, 10,000 Prishtine Pristina.… continue reading »

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In Kosovo we focus on supporting competitive development of the private sector. 57 projects in Kosovo to date; €324 million cumulative EBRD investment; 21%.… continue reading »

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Of Kosova Higher Education System through establishment of the Kosova Students Union”- SI. In the framework of the TEMPUS project “Modernizing the 3rd cycle at the University of Prishtina and. Stay Up to Date With What's Happening.… continue reading »

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