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09-Mar-2020 23:34

n my way home yesterday I was listening to the radio and the topic of the day was very interesting.

Wanawana was asking if studying for a master’s degree is worth it and she requested that people call to share their opinion.

I felt now with my merit from UOB nobody can gaddem claim that they dashed me. Apart from the degree, I enjoyed the immense exposure I got from travelling and being in that city.

I traveled from Birmingham to different places outside Britain. I've never lived on my own and that was my first experience.

Shebi September is the time lots of students resume school and those travelling abroad for their masters are probably packing their bags now or still waiting for their acceptance letter or applying for visa. After I finished uni (Igbinedion University) and I finished my NYSC, I had this burning desire to do masters by fire and by force, all my friends had traveled and I felt a masters degree would greatly boost my CV (which is not a lie).

It’s a huge financial commitment and if you are struggling financially, I will just beg you to keep calm. Imagine if you're a lady and you push it off till after marriage, it becomes harder then, what if your husband no gree? You can stay in Nigeria, without a masters degree and make it as a Don Dorobucci, or otherwise.One of the major uses of the Internet in present time is for online dating.Here are some free dating sites in Nigeria you could visit to meet new dates.I would have called but …I got home and headed straight for the kitchen.

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I had Ila Asepo and Amala on my mind so I continued listening while I cooked.

During my dissertation I was like “who send me message”…chai! To God be the glory, I graduated with Merit and I couldn't be prouder of myself.