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One Turkish Kurd distilled this reality:“ The history of Turkey, back to the time of Ataturk [who gained Turkish independence from the World War One Allied powers] … A huge white, military vehicle- seemingly an exact copy of the US made MRAP- with machine gun turret- sits parked, a fence ringing it while its black uniformed operators play cards, smoke and drink coffee just behind. These, like the many other multi- uniformed police here in Istanbul are Erdogan’s troops.

‘Whatever one wants to say about the Gulen movement, it’s not organisationally inept.While he continues to play a dangerous international game between Russia and the NATO/ Israeli/ US alliance his biggest future enemy walks the streets of his realm… Six different police uniforms can be observed along with those of three different branches of military garb.The uniform seen most is a simple, very new looking royal blue and black jacket with emblazoned on the back in white six inch letters.The coup and its results are in the minds of all, as is the massive purge of innocent Turks.