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She has a waist rope rigged so that when he gives it a tug her body goes back and forth on the pony. He steps on the stones pulling her down and causing her pussy to bleed.Apparently the interrogator has given up and releases her and she walks off. Using a huge needle and cord he sews their pussies shut.I obtained my copy from Vomit Bag Video at the above url.Drum roll please."Bondage Make-Up Girl"I'm not going to review this part.Certainly not HOM quality bondage, but Isabella's kinda hot.Maya: Based on Ralphus' brief filmography ("She's done a lot of work with Sarge (naturally) as well as Insex, Hogtied, Training of O, Sex and Submission, etc, etc, etc.She pulls the body to shore and is caught in some fondling with it and is whisked away to the police station.There, she is bound wrists to ceiling for interrogation.

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So even if it is Pierce Brosnan in the black garb, he's pulling off a pretty good impression.You and Scribbler will get to see things that no one else will because it will be prior to the edited product. John Blakemore, I held the damn magazines in my hand as I was looking at him sitting at my table... If I ever have to hear another sentence that contains the word "breast" and "skewer" again, and they are not referring to chicken kabobs, I may very well throw myself off a bridge. Also there, is my follow-up post after he said this (Oct 14 2008): On a personal note, I hate that the man has become known as Blakemore.Hi guys, So Sarge kinda got upset at me for not coming here earlier to tell ya'll how it really is with Blakemore. As a consumer of his pics and loops in the old HOM days (which pre-date video by 8 - 12 years) I never saw him credited as "John Blakemore". I don't know that I "hate" it, but it does bother me.Next, she is again secured to the incline rack face down and tush elevated for lashing.