M2eclipse updating maven dependencies can 17 year old get trouble dating 14 year old

04-Jan-2020 21:27

You do this by right clicking the maven module project in which you want to update dependencies, selecting Maven and then update dependencies.If that doesn't help, you should refresh the parent project and try again.I mark them all as provided since your application server should provide them for you during runtime.Now we add them to the dependencies of our EJB module. Not only that but transitive dependencies (javax.activation) are there too.As you can see Maven is an incredibly powerful tool for managing dependencies, even in your IDE!

First of all, Eclipse will be setup with an embedded Maven version. Here you can add your own Maven installation directory and make that the active one.

Depending on your version of Eclipse you may now see that your ejb module has already adapted; if not, right click on the ejb module project, select Maven and then update project configuration. Learn this lesson well though: you could have forced the correct runtime through the Eclipse project settings, but what you have to accept here is that the Maven plugin (and thus Maven) is the boss.