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01-Jun-2020 11:40

Even if things are going great and you’ve never felt like this before and he does everything right.

Even when you’re literally bursting at the seams to shout “FINALLY! ” from whichever mountaintop is nearest your town — wait.

Trusting your gut could end up saving you a lot of time, energy, and yet another dating letdown.

Last but not least is yet another piece of advice it took me until my 30s to exercise.

But, as a seasoned dating vet, let me assure you that your gut is absolutely, unequivocally always right.

If you get the feeling that something is off, listen to that feeling.

Writing for the world’s most well-known dating site has provided me with invaluable insight into the wide world of romance and relationships, but I’ve also garnered a large amount of my own firsthand experience from all the dating I’ve suffered through.

However, because dating is so delicate, I’ve found it’s much better to keep it sacred as long as you can.

Not to hide it away or keep it secret, but just to make 100% sure what you’re feeling isn’t fleeting and who they are is true before you go sharing your newfound love with the world.

So, the next time you’ve met someone you really like and really want to make sure they’re all in and only have eyes for you, discuss it. They back out with an I’m scared/not ready/not as into you line, and you know what we say to that?

Good riddance and thank you for not wasting my time.In today’s world, it’s increasingly more difficult to keep things private.Social media is a place many go to share (and overshare) their every thought, feeling, meal, outfit, and sunset (I am the #1 offender of this, so I get it).For now, protect your feelings (and your new boo’s) by basking in the glow of what this could be and hop on social media about it later. But we’re living in non-committal times, and people are perfectly happy to avoid the “What are we?