Matrix 2016 updating the triz contradiction matrix

14-May-2020 22:23

Constant development of innovative approaches is required in all business activities.In answering the question of how to generate new ideas, new services, new educational model, the present-day answer may be either copy aimlessly or search for the solution and rectify mistakes.This process comprises problem analysis and analytical usage of empirical data from the existing base.Being creative, the TRIZ method has for a long time been an important part of the education technology program at specialized departments of high vocational schools and faculties in the course of studying.An important link to TRIZ method application in education is envisaging of teachers’ perceptions in the education technology, which is the first step towards introducing TRIZ method into the educational plan and program at lower educational levels as well.By updating the classical contradiction matrix, there originated the 2003 matrix which takes into consideration and envisages frequency of innovative principles occurrence, thus rendering a significant progress in TRIZ method developing and application.The paper offers and develops application of new models of education management by way of TRIZ method, by the relocation innovative principles of classical and 2003 contradiction matrixes, with the special contribution of applying creative principles in the field of education.In the previously published work [1] were described innovative solving problem in education field.

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The TRIZ method proposes to avoid the exhaustion methods: - by using the contradiction matrixes in resolving the problem of technical contradictions, as well as by changes in the system, in resolving physical contradictions.

The method utilizes the principle of REPEATABILITY and it was developed by Altshuller [2], [3], [9], who determined that there was a lack of methods for creating new solutions.

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This one- to three-day day workshop presents the concepts of TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving. The workshop covers the the various TRIZ tools and methods and how they can be used to spur innovation and solve tricky engineering problems.… continue reading »

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Therefore, many of those who learn TRIZ or have attended seminars are taught quite wrongly that TRIZ is primarily composed of the 40 principles and contradiction matrix, the truth is ARIZ is the core methodology of TRIZ.… continue reading »

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Although the classical Contradiction Matrix remains a conceptually very important element of the TRIZ toolkit, its age often means that users have difficulty using it successfully across a wide range of modern-day problem settings.… continue reading »

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