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The images are not needle sharp but certainly good enough for the web or modest sized prints (8 x 10). One wish - Fotodiox should include an instruction sheet with the unit and the URL to their download site. Aperture control is on the lens and shutter speed is controlled using the command dial - top right hand rear of camera.

This has brought to life an old favourite 70 - 205 zoom lens with a set of filters. Its very easy to make a bracketed set of shots and pick the best exposure later. I have old Canon lenses that get used rarely and decided to try this adapter.

I've tested this on my Nikon D70s and D7000 with several Canon lenses.

I really wanted it to work, but no combination of camera and lens gave me acceptable results.

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Soon after its founding, Nippon Kogaku invited eight Germans who specialized in camera-lens design to advise the company on its early lens prototypes—Nippon Kogaku had its sights set on industry giant Zeiss.

I think someone else in a review blamed like leaks, but I believe the person might have been seeing this flare issue.

I't's easy to figure out if one takes a moment to block side light from different angles in front of the lens.

Also, it utilizes Nikon's Super Integrated Coating to further minimize flare and ghosting in your images.

Packing in a Silent Wave Motor AF system with a rear focusing design, the NIKKOR 35mm is able to lock focus quickly and quietly.

This adaptor creates haze and distortion at wide apertures, and it won't stop down the lens, so you're always shooting wide open.