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This will in- clude basic interior finish and detailing, '8i Exploriitory engineering or archi- tectural investigation for the purpose of RULES AND REGULATIONS determining structural integrity, making restoration or rehabilitation cost esti- mates, or determining whether structure IS safe to the public.

'b' Moving historic structures Mov- ing an historic structure will be funded if evidence is presented that the structure faces imminent danger of loss unless moved.

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Activities in behalf of the arts such as construction of facilities for out- door exhibits, may also be included, how- ever, the applicant should consult with HUD in cases where the cost of such facilities; will be more tlian nominal. Community-wide im- provement of streets, greenways. park- ways, stream valleys, ri L'hts-of-ways, and other nonrecreational public places.

Eligible activities Include tree planting, landscaping design, construction, signs.

The reg\Uato -y material appearing herein Is keyed to the Conr or Fkdkbal Riodxations, which Is published, under 50 titles, pursuant to section 11 of 1 he Federal Register Act, as amended (44 UB. notice on RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD— Determina- employment of full-time students .

undergrounding of utilities, and other measures to beautify the area over and above normal maintenance 'c Public building.^ and s Un^. 36, NO 170 — WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 1971 17r)02 and effect ligh for which ass available to t 1.2 H Ln utililv di di Uing. the site istance is granted must be e general public TBround plucpiiient of ribution • stems. used in tms subpart, the term, "util- ity distribution systems," means existing low-\olta Ke overhead electric and tele-' phone utility distribution lines or sys- tems Underground placement of high voltai^e distribution systems is not elig- ible for fun(hng under the program.

Instal- lation of landscaping, ."jpecial fencing, lighting and paving, wall mural.- mosaics No. Underground placement of portions of ex Lstmg distribution systems located on a program assisted site will in no event be furided un!

Such exemptions to fee simple title could include the pur- chase of easements, purchase agree- ments subject to life-estates, lease-back arrangements or reserved rights, and short- or long-term leases.

Specific in- formation on allowable exceptions can be obtained from the H'UD Area Office.

17496 OPEN SPACE LAND — HUD regulations for the Legacy of Parks program; effective 7-1-71 17496 FHA MORTGAGES — HUD amendments on sup- plementary financing of Secretary-held project mortgages; effective 9-29-71 . procedural regulations 17506 MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISES — GSA new subcontracting policies, procedures, and clauses; effective 10-18-71 17509 FEDERAL METAL AND NONMETALLIC MINE SAFETY BOARD OF REVIEW— Proposed proce- dural regulations; comments within 30 days 17545 SMALL BUSINESS— SBA amendment of size standard for meat packing plants 17492 SBA notice of hearing on size standard of food services concerns on 9-30-71 17514 CHILD POISON PREVENTION — FDA proposal on safe packaging standards for aspirin-containing preparations; comments within 30 days 17512 (Continued Inside) No. I 1 i 30-year Reference Volumes Consolidated Indexes and Tables Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders Consolidated subject indexes and tabular finding aids to Presidential proclamations, Executive orders, and certain other Presidential documents promulgated during a 30-year period (1936-1965) are now available in two separately bound volumes, published under Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations, priced as follows: Title 3, 1936-1965 Consolidated Indexes .50 Tide 3, 1936-1965 Consolidated Tables .25 Compiled by Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Ser\ice, General Services Administration Order from Superintendent of Documents, U. 1; guidelines 17510 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Proposed Rule Making Standards of performance for new stationary sources; correction..

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