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05-Mar-2020 11:42

And then the current girlfriend refuses to listen as the guy explains that he did NOT initiate the kiss, and that in fact he was about to smack the ex-girlfriend off of him when she walked in? In fact, I daresay the movie has every cliché and formula you could imagine, each more sloppily executed than the last.It has no spark, no wit, and no purpose other than to convince the world that Hilary Duff is a celebrity.

Nor do I think he would care that Terri and her British boyfriend Jay (Oliver James) teamed up to write a bland, forgettable pop song, though this does not stop the movie from making us hear the entire song, from beginning to end.All the kids are snobs at the camp, primarily so they can soften later.(If they soften right away, there goes the plot.) Her new roommate is Denise (Dana Davis), who plans to work hard for a scholarship, and resents Terri as a distraction.She’s only an outsider because someone thought audiences would respond better to an underdog story than they would to a story about a pretty girl who gets what she wants. For that matter, I’m not sure why Terri’s even in the conservatory program to begin with.