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What you are about to see is a well organized conspiracy to have sex with children. t hand themselves over on silver platters back then, and if a kid was approached by a stranger in a car or on the street or anywhere, we screamed and ran like hell away from them. , which is time spent with a young girl (that can either be a passing second consisting of nothing more than a glance or a smile, or a lengthy visit with a girl); also â?? I love to sing & dance & stomp my feet & really rock your world! And the "Anonymous" function allows people to push the envelope even further.It is a shame that we even have to deal with this but life demands it: Note to MODS. All this has changed with the dawn of internet sites like My Space, Facebook, Live Journal, and yes, . All I want to hear from an ex-jock is "Will that be paper or plastic? Sometimes when you look beyond the annoying first impressions of this site you find some real dark secrets that I'm sure the law should be getting involved with if this site wasn't so heavily based on "Anonymous" posts.The descriptions in these comments are so explicitly detailed, even explaining how good it feels to break the hymen in little girls and hear a boy scream at his first anal penetration, that there is absolutely no doubt these people have raped children before, and clearly donâ?? So afraid are they of having their secret sites and lives revealed that they have managed to brainwash the children who still post there into harassing anyone trying to expose the site or shut it down, including law enforcement. A lot of people out there are afraid to butt heads with pedophile rings on the net because of their ruthless attacks. *** I recently posted a comment left by a supposed self-proclaimed pedophile, in which he suggests my pedophile symbol collection is outdated by listing variants he and his ilk often use to fool the public. The heart in a heart, to them, represents a adult/ female child relationship. I know too of GLs who use the Roxy surfer girl heart logo and BLs who use the pagan vaulknot. I also try to do a bit of CL activism on Alice Day or any day for that matter, in the sense that every time I see an opportunity I drop off a few pamphlets, flyers and cards that I always carry around in my backpackâ? ¦My suggestion to you or to anybody who reads this post is to in youâ??  from the Inquisitr, January 5: Al-Qaeda is using pedophile websites to plot terror attacks on Britain according to British Security Services. This includes a conversation with the child, in which they could gain information to get to the child at a later date. Also remember that men are not the only perpetrators. s always better safe than sorry, but there is always common sense. Particularly if he/she has a camera and no credentials to any claim of being a reporter â??  very loudly if they encounter someone asking questions or trying to get them to come with them. They want to be sure the target meets their criteria before they strike. It is actually worse than slavery, because it involves the suffering of innocent children, and that is why I believe that the banning of kiddie porn is NOT censorship. comprises social influences capable of producing substantial behavior, attitude and ideology change through the use of coercive tactics and persuasion, via interpersonal and group-based influences.They hide behind the very children they fantasize about raping. s like when adults get minors to commit crimes for them. ve had survivor groups infiltrated by pedophiles looking for stories to get off on. ve had (another pedophile haven used to covertly expose anti-pedophiles to the pedophile networks). After posting the comment, I was asked for more information on the symbols. ve made previously to gather the symbols and online codes into this one post for easy reference. These are both variations of the GL heart logo and the BL triangle logo but the public will never know the difference. s Wiccan Triple knot Roxy Surfer Girl Valknot necklace Additionally, I recently posted remarks by pedos on a pedophile site in regards to the attire they wear to celebrate Alice Day and the lighting of pink candles: (clicking on the names will direct you to the exact quotes in their full spirit, including information about how they promote their deviances) for all to see!!! I guess I will be doing what I do everyday, just hangout with friends and maybe if itâ?? re home or in public with a small note attached explaining what this holiday is about and what it means to be a girl lover. PLEASE REFER TO PREVIOUS POSTS, ALSO (I apologize for not posting this sooner as some issues came up in real life â?? Al-Qaeda is using the sites due to the levels of security employed: paedophile sites are said to be password-protected and encrypted to avoid detection from police, which apparently makes them great for secretly plotting terrorist attacks as well. Using child pornography sites appears to be al-Qaedaâ?? Sadly, the high levels of secrecy, passwords and encryption demanded by paedophiles means their websites can offer good cover for terrorists.â? However, this could also include just sitting back watching a particular child at play. s form as if it were that of a stripper in a club, and they write the moment down later for their friends â?? with added feelings of desire they had while exploring the childâ?? Please keep in mind that a child does not have to be nude or in a bathing suit to be visualized that way by these people. either through the first option or by riding around looking for easy targets: children walking alone, children playing outside with no supervision, children wandering in a store with an inattentive parentâ? Women make up a small percentage of sexual predators and abusers, but they DO exist. re wondering what can be done to spot or stop these people. t very well go accusing every person you see in a public venue of being a sexual predator, nor should you be paranoid. For instance: if you see a lone person with no children sitting nearby staring at the children at play, itâ?? which should also be questioned and dealt with as any parent would by calling the editor of his paper to check his story should he say this. ve spotted someone with ulterior, twisted motives for watching your child or others at play, call the police immediately. * ALWAYS teach children to use a secret or safe word or password and to NEVER tell ANYONE, not even their friends, what this word is. The term was coined by Edgar Schein in 1961 in relation to his study of Chinese POWs' indoctrination.

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There are people in this war against pedophiles and online pedophiles who simply donâ?? They think ranting and raving, trolling their pages, and openly accusing them â?? will make them shake in their proverbial boots and go away. Sure, I was very much in the volcanic pit making changes on the Pagan site, removing sexual predators from it and elsewhere.  (commonly looks like four touching hearts) in pink/blue represents non-preferential gender pedophiles (girl or boy attracted, often both). The intention is to classify their interests for other pedophiles within their ring: * Ao A: Short for â??  meaning the age groups of children they are attracted to * MAA: Minor attracted adult (used in reverse of the word â?? , though it is the same and places the child as responsible for the abuse) * Ao C: Age of (legal) consent * CL: Child Lover/pedophile * GL: Girl Lover/Attracted to girls * BL: Boy Lover/Attracted to boys * YF: Young Friend, used when speaking about a victim * CP: Child Porn (Which could mean anything from photos of naked or half-naked children to photos of actual child rape/torture) Youâ?? I'm glad that ED might get taken down (I don't know how difficult it is for the government to take down a site), but that's just sickening if what my friend told me is true and there is child pornography on Encyclopedia Dramatica.But as long as we have sites like chan, where people can freely post child porn, joke about child rape, share information on how and where to obtain targets, and have access to our children who have been manipulated into believing they are exactly what they say they are, the sexual abuse of our children will not end. t hear the children screaming and begging for help. EVERY parent or guardian MUST be sure their child understands that if they are ever touched or assaulted in any way, that child can tell their parent or guardian without fear of being ridiculed or punished. The heart in a heart, to them, represents a adult/ female child relationship. Raids and spamming are annoying but they're not sickening. I couldn't read the entire post above as there was so much to go through but there are some real disaster areas on these "chan" sites.This is something I found about A man police said was the â??  of a global internet child abuse ring has been jailed indefinitely. Every good thing the perpetrator did prior to his assault of the child becomes a tool to use against the child to make the child feel it was all his/her fault. That it is not their fault and the parent or guardian WILL make it right, even if they may not be around for other things. And the "Anonymous" function allows people to push the envelope even further.Others show pedobear hiding in a closet in the childâ?? Others have pedobear climbing into bed with the child who is either asleep or has a terrified look on their face. several of us are currently working on a very real award bestowed upon those of us in this fight who are attacked by pedophiles and their ilk. We can modify them slightly and still recognize other girl and boy lovers. s jewelry, I say it is a reminder of my dead wife and child. They would rather change the subject fast, and so I escape further prying into my necklace that signals other girl lovers that I am a GL. Photos and stories of children are precious to these people and they will even pay money for them and more money for addresses and personal information of targets. If the person is real, they will be happy to supply proper credentials and will be glad the child was so careful. ** You should also remember that children want to please adults. They can either get this from home or from the stranger offering it to them if they would only come with them. Parents/Guardians are either hardly around the child or are always too busy to talk to/spend time with the child 4. suggests the child is not being cared for at home and the parents donâ?? These innocent children are entrapped and eventually enslaved.

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All images result in jokes about how the victim is about to be raped, and the comments are very graphic. ve been there, done that, and have the award for being such a threat to their internet world they would fall all over themselves to shut me up. I may have people vote on the design in the near future! I am sure you have seen the new necklace designed by Jane Seymour. For my BL attraction, I don the wiccan triple knot. t be spending anytime with little girls or boys but I will go to the park and LG watch. More on how, for jihadists, the end, Islamic supremacy, will always justify the means, no matter how odious. Al-Qaeda Hiding Behind Pedobear for British terror attacks,â? A lot of times, the person acquiring this information isnâ?? They are just in it for the money from the sales of the photos and information that a pedophile and child predator can use to get their target. Remember, too, that uniforms are a dime a dozen â?? Official vehicles, however, are a bit harder to come by. There are certain kinds of children predators go for. They could be watching a potential target for weeks, sometimes months, before striking. Therefore, kiddie porn is a form of slavery, and NOT free speech! I know this is a sensitive topic but I feel the following information needs to be put out to the public at every venue. , symbolizes a boy (small triangle) surrounded by an older male (larger triangle)- and is meant to show adult/male child relationships. I will repeat for as long as I need to: If you donâ?? Tangible people we saw and spoke with in the real world.The more people know about these preverts and their ways/forms of communication (especially with the internet! Sure, there were the peers who got troubled teens to do drugs, drink, steal, join gangs, etc.. t as common place as the other side of it, and most kids back then were raised with a sense of morals and self-respect. Then there are the chats, or message boards: * CG: known as Common Ground, a place for pedophiles of both preferences.Users of the forum would post borderline-legal images of children and pass comments on them. Yes, the Netherlands is known for looking the other way in child rape cases, and I see itâ?? They will stop at nothing, including tearing down our country. The images they claim are just cartoons are fantasy scenarios of child rape. s bed, regardless of the pornographic dialogue scrawled within, this is the predatorâ?? * The yin-yang looking circle is CGlogo, used in reference to the website, Common Ground, which was created as a place for both girl and boy attracted pedophiles to meet and sympathize with each other. The purpose for using these common images is to fool society into not thinking twice when seeing someone wearing these items. They get that information and share it to their pedophilia ring friends so that others will have a chance at acquiring a victim at a later date. They've certainly caused enough problems for their websites to be taken down. But I suppose I better stop talking about them, they seem to take pleasure in our annoyance with them. Normally, I'm against censorship, but when it comes to pornography involving under-aged kids, then that is going way too far. The pedophiles may think that kiddie porn is free speech!

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