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It supports the full range of secure signature creation devices, including USB tokens, smart cards, and cloud-based digital certificates.

And it lets you work with the certificate authority or timestamp authority of your choice, with support for hundreds of trusted authorities through the European Union Trusted List (EUTL) and the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).

Employees use smart dashboards review and process applications quickly, and then automatically create personalized communications to welcome the new applicant and manage an ongoing relationship with them. Adobe’s approach to digital signatures offers more flexibility than other signature solutions.

With Adobe Sign, you can create end-to-end signing processes that include digital signatures, e-signatures, or a combination of the two, providing flexibility to build workflows in accordance with your own specific compliance or risk profile.

For complex enrollment processes such as new bank account, government benefits, or new patient onboarding, Adobe Sign can be used in combination with Adobe Experience Manager Forms to create exceptional experiences with adaptive forms that resize to fit any size screen and streamline the complete process.

With it, customers can find forms online and fill and sign with ease.

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And, Adobe Sign lets businesses use turnkey integrations and APIs to add e-signature workflows to your enterprise apps and systems of record, such as Salesforce, Workday, Ariba, Apttus, and many more.

One of the most relied upon definitions of an electronic signature defines an electronic signature as: “…an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record …adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.” Electronic signatures are: While the terms may seem similar, electronic and digital signatures actually describe two different approaches to signing documents — and those differences are linked with signature laws and regulatory requirements.

Digital signatures are a subset of the larger category called “electronic signatures.” Where typical electronic signatures can use a variety of methods for authenticating signers — such as email, corporate IDs, or phone verification — digital signatures use one specific method.

And you can use turnkey integrations and APIs to include e-signature workflows in your enterprise apps and systems of record.

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Eighty percent of businesses still struggle with paper-based processes that are slow, error-prone, and fragmented.Both the signer’s identity and the integrity of the signed document can be validated through a trusted third-party certificate authority.Adobe Sign supports both methods of signing in a single, scalable signature solution.Use it to design workflow input forms with drag-and-drop ease; define workflow rules using intuitive flowcharts; configure stakeholder rules and permissions; enable collaboration throughout the process with predefined rules and communication types; create dashboards to manage signed documents and deliver business reports; drag and drop to connect pre-built integrations with Adobe Sign; and quickly integrate with back-end systems.

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