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06-Jan-2020 02:05

It's their call, of course, but here again we believe it's crucial that mom and dad know their child's dating partner and his or her parents well.They should also bear in mind that while eighteen-year-olds may be considered "adults," the fact remains that many of them haven't developed the maturity to monitor and control their own actions in a dating situation.Sexual promiscuity is rampant, even among Christian teens, and many young people receive little or no moral guidance from their parents.

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appropriate and encourage their children to follow Josh Harris's "courtship" model.

:)) He won’t forget these years, and neither will I. It happens almost every day, and sometimes many times a day: Teenagers are always changing. Get them alone, in the car or wherever you can, and make it clear that you WANT to hear about their interests, and their lives. This may be my very favorite thing about these years. Believe in him with your heart, and tell him that you do. For those moms that work long hours or cannot be physically involved in your children’s lives, I encourage you to creatively find solutions for this.

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