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17-May-2020 16:29

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The person may look healthy, but can still transmit the virus.This is one reason people in stable relationships are infecting each other.When I was 13 years old, I remembering telling myself, “I haven’t even kissed a boy and I have an STI.” That’s how the kids in my class and I were taught about HIV, an infection that I’ve had since birth. A bit about me: I’m 24, living in the Greater Toronto Area and a Gemini who works as a freelance journalist. My mother contracted HIV after my father had several affairs, and she was unaware of her status when she got pregnant, gave birth and breastfed me.

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I disclosed on You Tube because I couldn’t fathom telling someone one-on-one at first—so instead, I told the whole world all at once.I was not ready to trust a teenage boy with that information.I wondered what would happen if the whole city found out.They need to live a healthy and non-risky life so that they and their partners are protected,” she pointed out.