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If you load a project into Visual Studio for Mac, the following dialog is displayed, explaining that you must remove any components from your project manually: To remove a component from your project: Most components fall into one of the above categories.If you are using a component that does not appear to have an equivalent Nu Get package, read the components without a Nu Get migration path section below.In future, updates to this package will be performed via the Nuget update feature: If the component info page Assemblies tab contains entries as shown below, you will need to find the equivalent Nu Get package manually.Note that the Packages tab will probably be empty: To confirm a replacement Nu Get package exists, search on Nu, using the component name, or alternatively by author.The default import setting is Import terms only, but you have the option to Also import translations to... If you want to overwrite the translations in the POEditor project with the ones in the new localization file, check the box that says overwrite old translations.If you do not check this box, only the empty translation fields in the POEditor localization project will be updated with translations from the imported file.A list of popular Xamarin plugins and libraries is available to help find alternatives to components which are unavailable as Nu Get packages.The 15.6 release of Visual Studio and 7.4 release of Visual Studio for Mac no longer support components in your project.

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These are called artifacts and due to their size, they cannot be hosted on

This means if you open the solution on a new computer, the component will not be downloaded and installed; and the author will not be able to provide you with updates.