Pusooy dating sim

29-Feb-2020 19:20

The situation is interesting, the consequences of actions/moods is good.

I like the way the faces in the bottom of the screen change with the changing moods. Shark, wonderful as always; beautifully rendered graphics along with an intelligent story line (the latter something sadly missing from Japanese games I`ve played).

No Instruction, Oversized tits and no pubes, how come the guys in these never moan or make those f`ing goofy cum faces.... Also, I know a lot of these games are made overseas but geeze - can`t you find one English speaker to proof-read your dialogue?

Lovely to have a new game producer but one wonders from which other semi-larger entity they left from and thereby diluting the overall games quality. Unless you were an idiot and didnt play te smooth card all the way through, then thats your problem.While I appreciate the time and effort put into this, it brings nothing at all new or interesting to the table. Answers to the girl are easy, you know you have to be polite to get anywhere.Animation is not that good and the artwork seems different every scene.The optional dialogue didn`t really seem optional -- there was only one real choice unless you wanted to be a jerk.

Fun for a basic game that doesn`t require a lot of attention or time. I like it and Very nice having new facial expressions and less used positions to screw but on the down side it still has the same useless patterns of touch and humping speed.

Looks like they used Poser models (Laura or the Millenium Girl or the PTGWG), which are decent. Also, could have been MUCH improved with closeups, or at least higher-quality rendering - would have taken longer to animate, but would have been worth it.

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