Random funny speed dating questions

04-Apr-2020 07:23

Let alone with different people, each having distinct personalities.The answer is quite simple, really - you ask them questions.

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So what are the kind of questions that you can ask them?Content Solutions where she created custom publications for companies from American Express to National Parks Foundation.Many times you find yourself in odd situations wherein you meet a new person and you don't really know what to say to them or how to start a conversation.Wouldn’t it make more sense to castrate rapists and pedophiles? As a tech nerd, clearly I think of “cellular phone.” But I’m guessing the dater behind this question is most concerned with those that think “jail cell,” not those that answer “biology.” So how many jailbirds did that person have to meet through OKCupid to warrant asking this?

Engaging and interesting questions to get to know someone. Perfect for meeting someone new or just trying to get to know a friend or colleague better.… continue reading »

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