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After winning another battle, Wade and his best friend, Max meet Elgin at a park.Elgin tells them that his crew will battle their crew next Saturday night, but Wade and Max think that Elgin's crew are not good enough to battle them tonight. He borrows money from his grandmother for the battle. Rad announced that there will be no fighting during the battle and hires a bodyguard for insurance.Elgin is beat down by some local thugs that take Emerald's money landing him in the hospital, in trouble with Emerald, and furious at David for not being there when he needed him.

He warns Elgin not to cross him or he "will never walk, let alone dance again." During the qualifying rounds of the Big Bounce, many crews perform and impress the judges with their skills including Wade's crew. When it is time for David's crew to dance, two slip-ups costs his crew a chance to make it to the finals.As they celebrate their victory, Elgin gives his blessings for David and Liyah to be together.Wade and Max, however, walk up to them, angry over their loss.I also read that most men who beat women have latent homosexual tendencies.

So there you go."Brown later took to his Twitter account to refute Raz B's claims, saying: "Lying about somebody in a book is called defamation of character. Elgin sees this as a way to pay back Emerald and his grandmother.Attempts to bring Elgin and David together, particularly by Liyah, are fruitless, as both nearly come to blows when encountering each other.Wade, crowing over his success, delivers the titular line, "You're just mad... Meanwhile, David and Liyah, Elgin's sister, are falling in love.