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The Lost Child understands or feels the strain the family is under.As a result, they try to minimize their demands on their parents and siblings.As a result, they are often overlooked but this leaves them feeling lonely, rejected and isolated. They spend much time in these kinds of activities: Daydreaming Fantasizing Reading Watching TV Playing video games Studying lots Playing in their room Play ‘pretend’ behind the sofa or drapes Building things with Lego or a similar toy Hanging out at the library, playground or other place away from home Every child does some of these, but for the lost Child, they excel at being ‘out of sight’ and end up being ‘out of mind’. This child expects nothing and wouldn’t know how to make his or her wants known if they could identify them.The conundrum is they get what they want but that result leaves them feeling empty. Their teachers try to get them to participate more in class. Ironically, their disconnection from their family and themselves leaves them without knowledge of what they want or what is reasonable to expect from life and relationships.Unfortunately, these learned roles become their way of interacting with the world.Although every one has a bit of every role, for these children, they become more comfortable with a specific one and as a result, live within its constraints for a life time.Phil goes into a partnership with The Queen Victoria public house, along with his younger brother, Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), and Grant's fiancée, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) but they buy the upstairs house above it.Phil and Grant had a reputation for being a bit dodgy.

They don’t know how to accept the connections that humans need.

But though he's untouchable as the guvnor of Albert Square, he does have an Achilles heel - family. He and brother Grant ruled the Square, while grand matriarch Peggy looked on proudly. Originally the friendlier and calmer of the Mitchell bruvs, keeping Grant in check, and preferring to resolve problems with enemies through mind games instead of Grant's approach of sheer violence, in the end, lifes knocks turned Phil badder and madder, even Grant wrecked his life before emigrating and Phil then took on Grant's bad boy mantle.

It's a reflection of his ability to cover his tracks, silence witnesses, and of his trusted briefs' knowledge of legal loopholes that Phil's only been in prison a few times.

Phil returned the favour by torching cash strapped Frank's car lot so Frank could claim on the insurance. The police interrogated Phil and Frank but could get no proper evidence.

Phil told Frank to hold it together, one wrong word and they could be banged up for a long time.

Frank later legged it after the insurance man saw his business accounts which would have shown Frank was broke and the fire was arson.

SGM Survivors, Kind folk still need ta know dat plazes like SGM are at best a tenuous, and questionable place to safeguard one’s family? hmmm… continue reading »

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Philip "Phil" Mitchell is the son of Eric and Peggy Mitchell, the husband of Sharon Mitchell, the father of Ben Mitchell,Melissa Mitchell and Louise Mitchell and the grandfather of Lexi Pearce. Phil doesn't suffer fools gladly. He punches first, and thinks later. Don't mess with this East End.… continue reading »

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AN INTRODUCTION TO BLACK PREACHING STYLES Note a cassette, with keyed examples of excerpts from sermons, accompanied the original text,… continue reading »

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