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Draw connections between memory, the world you lived in, and the things that trigger memory involuntarily. I guess if I did get to make my speech about mental illness now, I would tell people that the cruelest adage in the world is, "God does not give you more than you can bear." Because, of course, some folks are given more than they can bear. Wandering back to my theme of True Poems, "Lucy Dancing" and "The Seal In the Wave" are the only "untrue" poems in the book, though the men in "The Seal in the Wave" are certainly men I have known. They clicked their cameras, picked up postcards, felt they’d been somewhere, seen something remarkable, made of stone. They say he’s ashes now but that box of dust has nothing to do with the man he was.

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He bore what got dished out,” remember that he has just had not reached that circle of hell that would break him. I almost bought the vacuum cleaner but I thought, thirty years from now or twenty, or ten—what will it matter?

Ekwurtzel Such Nonsense Indoors Priscilla Wear Ellsworth Rutted Field of the Heart Charles B.

Ferguson Flounder In: Fishers Island Sketches Kate Fetherston Until Nothing More Can Break Carol Gabrielson Fine A Tilted World Steve Foley A Place at the Table Harper Follansbee, Jr. Johnston Silk Fist Songs Weight of the Angel Arlene Swift Jones God, Put Out One of My Eyes Joan Kantor Shadow Sounds Phyllis Beck Katz All Roads Go Where They Will Migrations Les Kay Kilco Co Margaret Keane - Sister Marie Michael Keane Love Like This Jim Kelleher Quarry Mick: A Celestial Drama Elizabeth Kincaid-Ehlers Seasoning How Do I Hate Thee Tricia Knoll How I Learned To Be White Alex Kochkin From Nought Anew Judy Kronenfeld light lowering in diminished sevenths Joan Kunsch Playing with Gravity & new work Pam Lacko Laughing in the Face of Cancer Susannah Lawrence Just Above the Bone Kenneth Lee Sweet Spot Lake Effect Ann Mirabile Lees Night Spirit David Leff The Price of Water Depth of Field Mary Leonard The Sweet & Low Down Gregory Le Stage Small Gods of Summer Hope Is a Small Barn Suzanne Levine Haberdasher's Daughter Grand Canyon Older Than Thought Rebecca Lilly A Prism of Wings Light's Reservoir Tom Mallouk Nantucket Revisited Srinivas Mandavilli Gods in the Foyer William H.

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Zaret Journeys When You Can't Do Any More Geraldine Zetzel Traveling Light 1. What epigraph or epigraphs would you choose for a collection of your own poems?

Think about a scientific theory that connects in some way with your own experience, and use that as a metaphor to explore your experience. Or write a letter/poem to a lover, ex-lover or would-be lover, as Hall does in “Letter to 10. What makes the poem so moving is the degree of empathy it shows. Poems like this based on the lives of literary, artistic or cultural celebrities—people who have lived “on the edge”—can allow a writer to explore the sort of extreme behavior or startling event that throws light on the true nature of life. The Physics of Transmigration is a love story, but it does not follow the usual prescriptions that Hollywood and the media generally set forth, since the love she describes does not end neatly with “and they lived happily ever after” and since she asks questions that we are not accustomed to asking: Try writing a poem about what a “lost” love, a recalcitrant child, an impossible family member, a former close friend taught you about your own capacity to love. Part of the reason for this habit was my misguided notion that, if the poem were true, the audience could not criticize it. Sometimes I have added a detail, like the hooker's little dance at the end of the poem. When I finally got through the depression—five years after it had begun and about a year after my hospital stay— I felt a messianic zeal to educate the world about depression.