Roopal tyagi and ankit gera dating Free icamonline

06-May-2020 19:36

When Roopal stopped him from such actions he refused to step back because Adda Khan has recently lost her mother and she needs a sympathy shoulder.

But he still confirmedd Roopal that she is no longer in his life.

As times passed, Roopal felt that Ankit was two-timing her, indeed with Adaa.

By November, it was evident to her that Ankit was persuading Adaa to come back to her life.

Will Ankit-Roopal Patch Up After Big Boss Season 9?

On questioning, she says that he had told her that he was close to her as a friend and was comforting her, because she had lost her mother.

She says, “ I slapped Ankit and if he to talk him once again, I will slap him again.” Both Ankit Gera and her are contestants on Bigg Boss 9.

Roopal Tyagi born 6 October 1989 in Mumbai is an Indian choreographer and television actress. She played the role of Gunjan in the Indian soap opera.… continue reading »

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