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Such legislation immediately endangers LGBT rights. By allowing people to elevate their prejudices above fairness and equality, it also threatens the broader principle that people should not be refused goods and services solely because of who they are.

Together, the failure of most states to enact nondiscrimination protections and the growing number of religious exemption laws leave many LGBT people with little recourse when they encounter discrimination.

If Abuser Contacts You After an Arrest When anyone is charged with a crime and the victim is a family or household member, that abuser is most likely prohibited from contacting the victim and from entering or remaining at the victim's residence for a minimum of 72 hours.

Proponents of these laws argue that they properly balance religious freedom with the rights of LGBT individuals.

The freedom of religion, as well as nondiscrimination, is a significant rights issue, and it is important that governments do not unnecessarily burden the exercise of religious conscience.

This is especially important to minority religious groups, whose practices are all too easily trampled on by laws and policies enacted by majorities.

Violation of an Order of Protection Violating an order of protection is a Class A misdemeanor, and the abuser could go to jail for up to 364 days and pay a fine.

A second violation of an order of protection (or a violation after conviction of a serious crime against a family or household member) can be a felony.

Against this backdrop of legal vulnerability, lawmakers who oppose marriage for same-sex couples and recent moves to advance transgender equality have led an anti-LGBT charge, pushing for, and often succeeding in getting, new laws that carve out religious exemptions for individuals who claim that compliance with particular laws interferes with their religious or moral beliefs.

And the assumption of sexual availability of women, as examples of a "rape culture. Sexual assault is the term most commonly used in Michigan/Illinois in reference to. Date/Acquaintance Rape Unwanted, coerced and/or forced sexual.… continue reading »

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Assumption, IL ratio of number of residents to the number of sex offenders. Sex Male Date of birth 1969-06-30. Height 5'10" Weight 250. Race White… continue reading »

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It was in that year an Assumption area farmer, Philip Kemmerer sat down and. Churches of Central Illinois to create a home "for the orphans and friendless poor. abuse, desertion, sexual abuse, neglect, and family and community violence.… continue reading »

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