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The country has few oil reserves, but it has established itself as a hub for refining as well as international banking, while also achieving a socially liberal (by Gulf standards at least) monarchy.

Its economy depends to a small extent on Saudis interested in a little entertainment, not available in the strictly Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most outlets are the British standard BS-1363 type. S., Canadian and Continental European travelers should pack adapters for these outlets if they plan to use their electrical equipment in Bahrain.

The Saudi-Bahraini Transport Company (SABTCO) [2], tel.

973-17252959, runs eight buses daily from the SAPTCO bus station in Dammam via Khobar in Saudi Arabia, across the King Fahd Causeway, to the bus terminal next to the Lulu Centre in central Manama.

It's an oasis of social liberalism – or at least Western-friendly moderation – among the Muslim countries of the region.

It's popular with travelers for its authentic "Arabness" but without the strict application of Islamic law upon its non-Muslim minority.

The age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity.

Individuals aged 20 or younger in Bahrain are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and such activity may result in prosecution for statutory rape or the equivalent local law.

Tickets cost SR60 (SR50 when you buy two-way) and can be purchased in advance, although they'll squeeze you in without a reservation if there is space.The shallow waters around Bahrain are typically anywhere from 75F in winter to 85F in spring and fall, and usually around 90F in summer.Due to the shallowness of the water, it is possible to get heat stroke while swimming.Bahrain is among the few Gulf states that officially accepts Israeli Passports (although you'll need a visa) and passports with evidence of visits to Israel.

Note that you can pay for the Visa on Arrival using Visa / Master Card / American Express at the desk, so there is no need to use the Travelex counter to exchange money which gives the usual poor airport rates. You may find that the customs staff will take your passport off you and ask you to sit down in the waiting area (just before customs) while they prepare your visa.

Citizens of Ireland and the United Kingdom may obtain a visa on arrival or online for stays of up to three months.

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