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16-Feb-2020 06:49

Caliente, a bit farther north of Tampa -- a true resort, very upscale.

The dance on Saturday night can get wild but in our experience a bit more restrained (other than the ladies costumes) when compared to Paradise Lakes.

Pleasure Grove -- north of Atlanta near Cleveland GA.

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The problem is the accomdations are very rustic and the crowd can be small in numbers and large in other ways. Whether Hugh coined the term or not, and whether it did mean couples activity early on, that definition has changed through out the years.

One thing to remember as you explore adult resorts is that not all nudists are swingers and not all swingers are nudists. Especially with the new generations as it's become more acceptable to be in threesome and foursome situations. Swinging is a lifestyle and it doesn't make you any less of a swinger if you are single or if you choose to surround yourself in it but are selective in your choices.-- This is not an AANR resort so they are more relaxed about adult play. After the dance on Saturday night the party moves over to the Charter House.The Charter House is an on premises swingers forum.If you need something quickly and want to avoid paying too much, the best experience I have had is actually at the Salt Lake County Health Department near downtown ( (others) thanks - We have been to a number of the nudist resorts around the Southeast US and Florida.