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Snell added: “As the snow is soft under the ice, the ice is breaking therefore the effect is not quite as bad as it could have been.” Meanwhile if you As a Canadian, I hear a lot of complaints in the winter in the UK: ' If you can clear snow in Canada, why can't our government get it's act together.' So, children, gather round while I tell you a little story.— Judith Flanders (@Judith Flanders) January 29, 2018Montreal has a population of 3 million.“Driving conditions will be positively dangerous, with widespread transport and communication disruption expected.The danger will be greatest in areas that will see warmer air tussling with the big freeze. ***Yannon Towers is a fantastic listed castle/folly is said to be styled on Balmoral and now provides a unique holiday experience for our guests - many of whom are now returning on a regular basis!The house is full of historical features including a stone spiral staircase and wood panelled walls and fire surrounds.Snow-bound Britons have been warned they face a new threat from Storm Emma, with forecasters predicting “freezing rain” will hit parts of the UK.Freezing rain, which last struck Britain back in 2010, is treacherous for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as it forms a slippery layer that is often invisible to the naked eye.

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Please be aware that sheet ice is forecast for #Friday morning. #weatheraware #Storm Emma Fon JHgb O — Devon&Somerset Fire (@DSFire Updates) March 2, 2018This is why you should clear #ice off your vehicle before driving.Be careful in your driveways, parking lots and side streets this morning, they might be slick. #Walk Like APenguin #Dont Walk Like An Egyptian #Safety First #Slipping On Ice #Freezing Rain Umsy Fp K — Bellefleur Physio (@Bellefleur PT) February 24, 2018Freezing rain makes for #icy walkways and roads. GY #winterwalking #fallprevention #penguinwalk #gpab PVi0 — AHS North Zone (@AHS_North Zone) January 17, 2018 “Here we’re likely to see super-chilled water fall as rain, only to freeze instantly as it hits the ground.The result could be an invisible, lethal glaze on roads and pavements that could rank as one of the worst freezing events for many years.” The Met Office does offer some solace though - freezing rain which falls on top of snow tends to be less lethal.This presents an extreme risk as you cannot see it, & gritting has no effect. Please ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and fit for the weather conditions.