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Trains can pass at Llandeilo, Llandovery, Llanwrtyd, Llandrindod and Knighton and when you see the driver get out at these points, he is not telephoning his wife, but the signal box at Pantyffynnon from where the supervising signalman authorises him to remove a token from the little hut on the platform, thus enabling the train to proceed safely through the next section.In times past, it was much more interesting, with signal boxes and 'proper' old fashioned semaphore signals all along the line and train crews collecting a wooden or metal staff or a ticket from the signalman (often while the train was in motion) before being allowed into the next section.Llandrindod Wells is the largest and, with its grand red brick Victorian buildings, is set somewhat incongruously against the rolling hills and farmsteads which surround it.

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There were three platforms at Llandilo station – numbers one and two serving the up and down lines on the Swansea to Shrewsbury route, and the third was for the Carmarthen branch, until this line was closed completely in 1963.With the cut-backs in 1964, alas, all that changed.Most of the signal boxes were taken out of use, some sold, some demolished and one at Llandrindod retained as a museum.Whatever your idea of Wales - beaches, mountains, rivers, streams, sheep, castles, coal-mining, weaving, music - you are likely to find it by using this line. At Swansea there is access to the beautiful Gower Peninsula and as the train heads north through South Wales there are echoes of the great industrial heritage of the valleys with glimpses of mining areas and towns whose general architecture and aspect reflect their past.