Spiritual gifts dating

01-Jul-2020 15:41

Someone might claim that he/she has a new ability, while their friends saw the signs of that ability years before.

The case for either point of view is highly subjective.

They are supernatural, but make use of and increase the natural abilities possessed.[5] (Sanders, 1970) • Natural talents may be transformed by the Holy Spirit and empowered as spiritual gifts.

There does not seem to be a definite pattern when a person’s natural talents are affirmed as spiritual gifts, but that can be the case for some..times there is no correlation between natural talents and spiritual gifts.[6] (Bugbee, 1995)One noticeable theme in these quotes is that each author bases his/her view on observation.

Sometimes examples are given, but these aren’t very persuasive.

When these authors cite specific examples of abilities that do not become spiritual gifts they typically refer to the gift of teaching[7], noting that many who do an excellent job as a teacher in the secular world will not have the gift of teaching.

They are not spiritual fruit, not positions, not spiritual disciplines, and not natural talents.Those abilities should only increase from knowing the Lord.Conversely, observe someone who is an excellent teacher in science or philosophy, areas equivalent in difficulty to bible doctrine, where the complex must be made understandable, and their teaching ability will almost certainly transfer to their Christian life.Is there a relationship between our personality traits, or even personality types, and spiritual gifts?

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