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06-Jun-2020 11:41

Timer('f(s)', 'from __main__ import s,test_set2 as f').timeit(1000000)) print("regex :",timeit.

Timer('f(s)', 'from __main__ import s,test_re as f').timeit(1000000)) print("translate :",timeit.

Our pioneering dumps cards also enable its users to check the balance in their accounts before they proceed with any transactional activities.

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Timer('f(s)', 'from __main__ import s,test_re as f').timeit(1000000) print "translate :",timeit.

The trend of using credit card dumps has rapidly developed in over the past few years.

It enables the cardholders to store their financial information in the magnetic band of a credit card.

Timer('f(s)', 'from __main__ import s,test_trans as f').timeit(1000000) print "replace :",timeit. or$$then:)" punctuation_replacer = string.maketrans(string.punctuation, ' '*len(string.punctuation)) print ' '.join(input_text.translate(punctuation_replacer).split()).strip() Output Just as an update, I rewrote the @Brian example in Python 3 and made changes to it to move regex compile step inside of the function.

Timer('f(s)', 'from __main__ import s,test_repl as f').timeit(1000000) def strip Punc(word List): """Strips punctuation from list of words""" punc List = [".",";",":","! ","/","\",",","#","@","$","&",")","(","\""] for punc in punc List: for word in word List: word List=[word.replace(punc,'') for word in word List] return word List import string input_text = "! My thought here was to time every single step needed to make the function work.

Timer('f(s)', 'from __main__ import s,test_trans as f').timeit(1000000)) print("translate2 :",timeit.

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