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The Prayer of an Atheist Here is a true story about a young man who got his prayers answered: Many people who visit Jerusalem are tourists who come to get a sense of Jewish culture and history.

One day, a young tourist named Jeff was brought in to meet me at Aish Ha Torah. Jeff stood before the Wall, and made up an atheist's prayer. So if I'm making a mistake, I want You to know, God, I have no quarrel against You. But God, just in case You're really there and I'm making a mistake, get me an introduction." Jeff finished his prayer, and one of the Aish Ha Torah students who happened to be at the Wall, saw Jeff and thought, "Perhaps he'd be interested in learning some Torah." He tapped Jeff on the shoulder, startling him so much that he jumped three feet in the air.

And if He already knows what we want, why is prayer necessary in the first place? In fact, part of genuine love for your children is to allow them to branch out on their own, to be independent.

The Infinite Love Even those who stay far from a synagogue intuit the existence of God. If we were just robots, mechanically following every instruction, the world might be neat and tidy.

He is our Father in Heaven, and we are His children. So why does it seem that God ignores so many prayers? Because no matter how brilliant or powerful you are, you will never be able to live your children's lives for them.At Hye, there are numerous Armenian women and men available on the website, so you can easily find your perfect match and start a spectacular romantic relationship.There are several reasons that can determine you to join this Armenian chat and dating platform, but let’s take a closer look to the eventual advantages of choosing Hye First of all, Hye is very popular among Armenian people, as there is a very high volume of members registering every minute.Jeff learned at Aish Ha Torah for the next six weeks. If you don't anticipate God's help, then you have lost sight of God as your Father.

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