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02-Aug-2020 02:42

ACT: Who was the most exciting person that you met that night?JAZZ: It’s hard to top meeting the former President of the United States of America, so that was definitely the highlight of my night.Weinstein last Friday on the eve of the Memorial Day Weekend and a deadline for his appearance set for Wednesday (at) 2 p.m."Our request for a postponement of his appearance before the Grand Jury was denied. Brafman will inform the District Attorney today that Mr.

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Brafman issued a statement saying he advised Weinstein to skip the grand jury hearing because of a lack of time to prepare.I was honored that he and his daughter, Chelsea, took the time to meet me and my mother.But I’m such a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence that it was so exciting to get to talk to her, too.Still, he said Weinstein expects to be exonerated if the case goes to trial.