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02-Aug-2020 09:05

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As a place to meet and talk with strangers, one of the appeals of cyberspace lies in its visual silence.

Chatrooms, in particular, combine the closeness and directness of the personal letter with the interactivity of the phone conversation, so sidestepping the contemporary obsession with personal appearance and liberating us from the constraints that this imposes.

But your kid is moving out, or moving towards the day she will move out, and suddenly the internet has left you on your own.

Here you are facing the second biggest transition in parenting and there seems to be no community for support. Come join us, tell us your thoughts, begin a conversation and meet other moms who are very much sharing your experiences, or different ones. You miss them until they actually show up with all their crap and decamp in your living room? And if you have found that nearly perfect balance with your young adult child, please share your secrets!!

The Internet — both a public good and a danger to children Experiments with identity Advancing the argument through case study Katerina’s story Rania’s story Stefanos’ story Dimitra’s story Fivos’ story Mary’s (Dafni’s mother) story Discussion The Internet and the young Drugs and technology Harm minimisation and Internet safety?

For many of us the Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life.

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Say something that suggests you are actually attracted to her, not just making your way to the bar.But the prospect of rejection is much greater for chaps who are attempting to break the ice with someone whose evening has already been interrupted by aspiring Romeos.This has the potential to turn what should be a pleasant social interaction into an ordeal.There is a shiny side, celebrated in numerous government policies and programs, which holds out the promise of a new economy based on access to unlimited information, new and exciting curricula and schooling that will engage children and young people in purposeful and useful activity.

And there is dark side of illicit information, criminal activity, dangerous knowledge and harmful content.

Most importantly, don’t spend ages psyching yourself up.

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