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15-Jan-2020 19:24

I think you look're young and have your whole life ahead to look for women.Take things slow, and build up your confidence by making friends and having a good time with life. Get active and try to get fit..some activities that will help you do this. Not at all, but anywho Op: I myself do not judge books (or people) by the covers. Put your best foot forward and just be you.......'one' will come along and just be patient. are you emailing girls you KNOW you coudlnt get out in the real world ?I would recomend boxing or mixed marial arts for you.You dont' actually have to fight just do the work outs. Once you are in shape add your height to that and your back in the luck and don't worry about online dating it doesn't work for most people.

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I can't seem to figure out why I cannot get to the 2nd email.I have sent tons of emails on this site, no reply, lots of girls view my profile but do not respond, I am not on anyones favorite list.....::((Hi Moose, No one is 'too' ugly to date!!! I totally understand the being judged by weight thing but it sounds like you are working on that with the martial arts.The one thing I would suggest after looking at your profile is to get a better picture.You need one that is a close up as well as the ones you have.