Transition from friends with benefits to dating

24-Mar-2020 20:24

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My husband and I have three teenagers: a sophomore who plays mellophone in her public high school marching band and French horn in the Wind Ensemble at school; an 8th grader who plays trumpet in the local homeschool concert band program; and an 8th grader on the autism spectrum who has not yet been introduced to a musical instrument. The math involved in playing music keeps the brain active and growing. The neuronal connections grown in marching band will benefit the students throughout life, for multi-tasking through college and in the workplace, and for multi-tasking as a parent. We moved in time for her to attend every practice with the marching band.

My music experience is limited to the piano lessons that I begged for as a child (that proved piano was not my instrument) and to handbells at church beginning in my high school years. She began her freshman year in a new school in her new state with a posse of friends from the marching band.

The problem with The Outer strategy is that it only really works on insecure women with no options.

So, that brings us to strategy 2: The Outer strategy dealt with everything outside your control, namely her, her communication, and her friends.

If you do this, not only will your partner forget that every other man on earth exists because she’s so fucking excited to be part of your life, but you also won’t be worrying about who she’s talking to.

Your life will be so incredible and filled with such amazing people that you’ll be far too busy having a great time to worry about who your girlfriend is texting.

Even if you can effectively control her life and who she communicates with in one moment in time, you can’t stand next to her 24 hours a day watching who she speaks to and who she spends time with.

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Marching and playing at the same time is challenging, and marching band members meet the challenge of marching at one tempo while playing at another. A job transfer moved our family across the country as my sophomore was ending her 8th grade year.

I could introduce you to two a dozen beautiful, fun, attractive, and trustworthy women today. This is the most likely cause of your issues with her male ‘Friends’. How much time to do you think George Clooney spends worrying about whether or not that guy in the office down the hall from his wife wants to sleep with her? You’re right: get plastic surgery to look like Brad Pitt! Deal with your insecurities, deal with your limiting beliefs, create a life that’s exciting and fulfilling, become strong, powerful, Independent, and learn to share the excitement, passion, and joy you have in your life with the high-quality women who pass through your life.

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