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You were told very clearly by the security staff at this court that you were to stop filming.Robinson was given a three-month prison sentence, but it was suspended for 18 months on the condition that he did not commit any more criminal offenses.The Facebook Live video A year later, on , Robinson showed up outside Leeds Crown Court in the northern English county of Yorkshire and began broadcasting a Facebook Live video.In the video, Robinson confronted men whom he presented as defendants in an ongoing child sexual abuse case, made it clear it was his aim to identify them and show their faces on camera, named several men and listed the purported charges against them, and in one instance encouraged the “mainstream media” to harass a man he had earlier shown on camera, as he arrived in court.English far-right activist Tommy Robinson was given a 13-month prison sentence on , following a Facebook Live video he broadcast from outside a trial of several men accused of a range of child sexual abuse offenses.The sentence prompted a wave of outrage and protests (mostly, but not entirely, among various factions of the far right) and claims that Robinson’s rights to free speech were being violated in the interests of political correctness; Robinson stated in the video that many of the defendants were Muslim.If I have to do that it will mean a re-trial, costing hundreds and hundreds and thousands of pounds.A re-trial would also mean witnesses in the case would have to face the ordeal of giving evidence again before a jury.

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Strict rules The UK news media faces strict rules on what they can and cannot publish about an ongoing trial.On , the “alternative medicine” and conspiracy theory site Natural claimed that Robinson had been silenced without due process in order to “protect Muslim pedophiles” because “the UK government is run by criminal pedophiles who rely on Muslim pedo networks to provide a steady supply of nine and ten-year-old little girls and boys.” Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones described the episode as “historic” and his Infowars web site called the arrest of Robinson “the beginning of the end for free speech in Europe.” These claims are based on a wild misunderstanding of a very basic principle in the legal system of England and Wales, and of other parts of the U. Far from being a “historic” violation of due process, Robinson was jailed because a court judged he had breached the terms of an existing suspended sentence for contempt of court by violating a set of reporting restrictions often placed on the news media and others in the United Kingdom in order to protect the due process rights of defendants and prevent the collapse of trials, something that could jeopardize the conviction of potentially guilty and dangerous individuals.The “media blackout” on the child sexual abuse trial referred to by Natural was not designed to “protect Muslim pedophiles,” but rather to protect the integrity of the child sexual abuse trial itself, prevent a costly re-trial, and avoid witnesses having to go through the trauma of testifying in court again.I am not sure you appreciate the potential consequence of what you have done.

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