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“We have a performance by none other than the greatest quarterback of all time,” Wahlberg said to Simmons, before revealing that neither Peyton Manning nor Johnny Unitas would be in said film.The Boston native was, of course, talking about his favorite quarterback, who will appear in Wahlberg’s “Then of course, I’€™m playing an air conditioning guy, so I’€™m asking to sign the paper, and I say ‘can you sign it to me and Ted and put No. And put Wes Welker is a traitor.’ And we just kept playing around and I’€™m staring at his eyes, and I’€™m like, ‘They’€™re bluer than Daytona Beach in MTV Spring Break.'”, playing at a charity golf event in which E was having relationship troubles, Vince was pondering his next move, Drama was uptight about something or other, Wahlberg actually calls the crew “Gatsby and the Funky Bunch” and Turtle snubbed Brady because he roots for the Giants and, I don’t know, he’s angry with Brady for continually losing to Eli Manning in the Super Bowl?

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The rumor was confirmed by Dykstra, who tweeted his feelings to his new girlfriend.

Coming soon to a theater near you, it’s the Summer of Tom.

Mark Wahlberg appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast this week and revealed New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will appear in two of next year’s biggest summer films, both of which involve Wahlberg, the two-time Academy Award nominee.

In a sense, it's exactly like the pilot episode because it captures Vince at a crucial moment of his career, his comeback.

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In another way, it is highly different because this turns out to be a crucial turning point for most of the Entourage characters.October 2008 - December 2009Jamie-Lynn and Jerry started dating in September 2008.They met while Jamie-Lynn was guest starring on 'Entourage,' playing Jerry's characters love interest. Former “Sopranos” star Jamie-Lynn Sigler has traded in a turtle for a cutter.