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30-Jul-2020 04:29

In today’s article, we are introducing you to five more amazing cities to meet beautiful Ukrainian women.Whether you fit them as day trips for the next time you visit Kiev or make a full off-the-grid itinerary is up to you. Over a million people live in Dnipro, yet it is surprisingly little-known. During Soviet times, it grew in significance as the military established some weapon factories.The downside is that foreigners tend to have a reputation for being obscenely rich.To be fair, the living standard here is quite low compared to Western countries.Mykolaiv is located in Southern Ukraine, by the Black Sea.Apart from being the most important shipbuilding city on the Black Sea, it is also a huge transportation hub.

It’s a shame that many foreigners limit themselves to the big ones—Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Kharkov, the country has much more to offer.

There haven’t been any issues or large protest and as of 2017, the city is as safe as any other.

Of course, common sense never hurts but that has more to do with your own behaviour. This city in Western Ukraine has been nicknamed ‘Little Vienna’ for its elaborate Austro-Hungarian architecture. Chernivtsi is very international and always buzzing with foreigners.

Yet another place where your foreigner status will bring you major bonus points.

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What is more, the girls in Mykolaiv tend to be the more traditional, gentle, and family-oriented type (yes, even more than in other countries).It is the furthest away from a tourist destination that you can imagine.Your visit to Dnipro will be all about mingling with locals, which is a great way to meet beautiful Ukrainian women.I would not send you looking for a girl in a war zone, though, don’t worry!

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