Updating asus live update

26-Jan-2020 06:46

Once it was the web cam disappeared and a few other times I don't remember what it was.I called Asus and everytime they had me reset my computer to an earlier date.The G750JW/JX/JH/JM/JS/JZ download areas haven't had new updates for a while, BIOS updates still happen in your model's support area, so check there from time to time.The G750/G751/551/500/etc share the same basic hardware components; check support download areas for new hardware for newer drivers.Every time windows would do an auto update something would no longer work on my computer.Something doesn't feel right to me by shutting off my Auto windows update Hi shaf41, and welcome to the Asus ROG forum.Most times that will fix any driver related issues you may have.

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Notebook Audio drivers - Realtek 7443 - current confirmed to work on G751/G750, some G750 users say 7335 works best for them, if you find a newer release version that works, please let us all know which version and G750/G751 model it works on. ) reader&os=30 Notebook Bluetooth drivers Notebook WLAN drivers (no Intel) Notebook LAN drivers KBFilter driver Asus Backtracker for Windows 8.1 download Asus Backtracker FAQ Asus Smart Gesture Asus Touchpad Touchpad&os=30 Asus ATK Package Asus GPU Tweak for Graphics Cards, currently at release for the G750JW/JX/JH and G751JT/JY Asus GPU Tweak for Laptops, currently at release v1.0.9 for the G750JS/JM/JZ and other new ROG laptops with Optimus Here are the Asus posted VGA drivers, it's better to get the latest from Nvidia - currently 347.88 Nvidia Drivers direct from Nvidia Asus stopped updating their Intel INFUpdate support area, so go directly to Intel to get the latest chipset INF - currently 10.0.26 https://downloadcenter.intel.com/dow...pdate-Utility- For the G750JH/JZ RAID and G751JY PCIE SSD, or if you have implemented RAID, the latest Setup is currently https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Sea...29 RAID Driver Hi shaf41, and welcome to the Asus ROG forum.My advice would be, uninstall the Asus Live Update, and just install updates manually from the Asus support page for your NB. Ran the windows update and again I got the same problem I had prior when windows updates. one of the reasons Asus tech had me originally turn off windows updates.Since Asus Live Update probably has a significantly wider audience it cuts down on potential problems for a larger end user group.

So if you want the latest and greatest drivers, hit the Asus US support website first.Since this question seems to get asked every couple of days, I am hoping to nip the question in the bud.Asus Live Update lags anywhere from about a week up to around 3 weeks or so on how current the updates are compared to what they put on their website. Asus, I assume and others have postulated as well, post updated drivers and BIOS files on their support website first and then wait a couple of weeks to push them through live update, probably intentionally to allow users who download through the website to act sort of as beta testers so that if users start reporting problems with an updated driver or BIOS they can pull it from the website and then not deploy it through Asus Live Update.My experience with Asus Live Update, it creates more problems then it solves.

Since this question seems to get asked every couple of days, I am hoping to nip the question in the bud. Asus Live Update lags anywhere from about a… continue reading »

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They told me that the Asus live update would take. Windows Auto updating and issues afterward. is the asus live updater also updating all the critical.… continue reading »

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