Updating bios k9a2 platinum

20-May-2020 04:22

Had Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit on AMD 9850 Quad Core 8GB RAM and MSI K9A2 Platinum MOBO which was working and Windows 10 Pro upgrade showed up in Windows Updates so I did image backup and let it upgrade now I am stuck at black screen after login and have mouse.

I can hit CTRL ALT DEL and get to taskmgr and I can switch user Etc.

I read not to instal live update as the quad cores dont like it. The other thing is i change the memory settings to 1066 but the pc wont boot.

Please could someone point me in the right direction?

Glad to help you If you have question regarding the tool ask Svet on the msi forum ,he is the one that made it.

All you need to do now is to have a good USB stick because not all will boot.

Didn't work , really don't know why tbh, v1D deffo doesnt work on my board tbh, i read/followed the MSI HQ USB Tool completely, same problem, blue screen flash on os load attempt, i double checked all settings to make sure the corresponding ones were the same, still no joy, really frustrating lol.

Red heatsink = 125W TDP allowed Ahhh I see, ah yeah its definitely an AMI bios ^^, hoping to upgrade system maybe mid to end summer, but im goin to try that USB Tool after work tommorow then, as id like to try get some more out of my cpu, its idling at ~18c atm like, yet i cant seem to OC it without it failing to post lol.I don't want to "wipe and dipe" my PC just to get free upgrade to latest Windows which is obviously not ready for primetime.Hello, I’m new to posting on this forum, so if I commit a faux pas, yell at me and I’ll go shoot myself.The skipping mouse can come from an auto-starting program or virus.

That is something that would not be seen in Safe Mode, too.Before downloading please make sure this is your motheeboard Go and downlaod MSI HQ Tool from here ,you need to make an account to be able to access the download section: 3.If your mothebroard has a red heatsink on the CPU VRM (near the CPU socket) you have version 2 of the motherboard.LE4: Don t worry in case the BIOS is simply crap , Svet from MSI forum can help you get it back as it was once.