Updating date in excel

16-May-2020 00:27

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In this example I make a copy of the original file for security/backup purpose, but of course you could save the original file itself.

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Do you have problems showing your schedule as a Gantt chart in a presentation?

Are their any benefits to transitioning our code to another approach with the OPENROWSET command?

Yes - You are correct the OPENROWSET command can directly support INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operations as shown in these tips: Export data from SQL Server to Excel and Different Options for Importing Data into SQL Server.

The workbook will have 58 sheets, one for each member company (57) and one for a combined total. I understand how to use Excel, and I understand the concept of linking, but I am not sure how I would use linking to add new entries because I would like any new insureds or new locations to be automatically updated from the Pending List.

I would like the workflow document to check the Pending List and import each entry into the correct sheet. The issue is not getting the data into the workbook - that can be accomplished with an external data connection or link.

It also may be faster to perform a single UPDATE as is the case with the example above versus uploading (INSERT...