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19-Feb-2020 12:56

These fields can be extracted in SQL queries with the EXTRACT statement.

For details about the available fields in datatypes and intervals consult the Datatypes section of Another datatype involved in date operations is INTERVAL, which represents a period of time.

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If you need to parse existing strings into date(time) objects you can use the strptime() method of a datetime object: The complete list of format strings for the strptime function is included in the documentation of the time module in Python Library Reference.

Notice that these conversions aren't often necessary for transition between Oracle and Python because we are working on types convertible in both directions.

Still, Oracle itself allows great flexibility in formatting datatimes:, which also includes numerous examples of how to use them.

The formatting depends on parameters inherited from the environment or set explicitly.

To see the formatting parameters of your database use this query: SELECT * FROM v$nls_parameters WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(parameter, 'NLS_(DATE|TIME).*'); PARAMETER VALUE ------------------------------ ------------------------------------- NLS_DATE_FORMAT RR/MM/DD NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE POLISH NLS_TIME_FORMAT HH24: MI: SSXFF NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT RR/MM/DD HH24: MI: SSXFF NLS_TIME_TZ_FORMAT HH24: MI: SSXFF TZR NLS_TIMESTAMP_TZ_FORMAT RR/MM/DD HH24: MI: SSXFF TZR 6 rows selected.

There are two variants of INTERVAL type: Now we'll examine how Oracle solves date arithmetic.

This is based on the assumption that you're getting an error about the date format, such as an invalid month value or non-numeric character.… continue reading »

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By default Oracle databases use a date format of DD-MMM-YY. OpenESQL is documented to use ISO/ODBC format of YYYY-MM-DD. When I try to update a.… continue reading »

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