Updating genius on ipod touch

06-Jan-2020 21:28

Here's what's happening: These days, there are only two clear indications that Genius is doing anything: a progress bar at the top of the screen and a progress wheel in the top right corner.

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Match, on the other hand, requires two things: a US/year subscription and that i Tunes Genius is turned on.This won't affect the music already added to your i Tunes Match account (i.e., it won't be deleted), but you won't be able to access it again until you turn Match back on and when you do i Tunes will have to spend some time re-connecting to Match and sending any new information about your library.If you later decide that you want Match or Genius back, simply go to the Store menu and turn them on.“We are excited to usher in a new era for the Mac App Store with a beautiful new look, unique editorial content and emphasis on human curation that complements the ways people are using their Macs today.” Users can still browse by Categories on a dedicated tab, and app pages now have more useful information like video previews and large screenshots.

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Ratings and reviews have also been made front and center.In that case, the process is a little more complicated.Before you turn off Genius, though, keep in mind that disabling it will also turn off features you may want, like Genius Mixes and personalized recommendations for music you'll like, and will convert any Genius Playlists you've made into a traditional playlist.Because of this, if you're using i Tunes Match, and want to keep doing so, you don't have an option: you have to leave i Tunes Genius on no matter how long syncing takes.